About Røn Musikklag (Røn Brass Band)

Røn Musikklag (Røn Brass Band) was founded 25th of September 1911, and are an English style brass band, with brass and percussion instruments only.

The band are located in the region Valdres in the county Oppland, Norway.

Røn Musikklag was celebrating their 100 years anniversary in 2011, and the band gave several concerts, mainly in Valdres, Norway, but also in the Czech Republic capital Prague.

In September 2011 the band did the first performance of "Centennial Celebration". A piece composed exclusively to the band by the internationally well-known and respected English composer and conductor Mr. Trevor Ford. "Centennial Celebration" is avalible at www.safemusic.co.uk.

The band have been giving concerts in England, Germany, Estonia, Czech Republic and other countries as well as in Norway in the last periode of years.

In October 2014 Røn Musikklag and the world famouse trumpet soloist Ole Edvard Antonsen gave an excellent concert at Vestre Slidre Culture Hall.

In April 2016 the famous three times European Champions, and 15 times Norwegian Champions, Eikanger-Bjørsvik Musikklag visited Valdres and gave a concert together with Røn Musikklag at Vestre Slidre Cultur Hall, and they also gave a wonderful concert in the more than 800 years old stonechurch Slidredomen the same weekend.

Mr. Jan Erik Helleren is now in his second term as conductor of the band. The first period was from 1991 to 1996. After a long pause he came back in February 2007. Overall he has been the conductor of the band more than 15 years.

Røn Musikklag

Torbjørn Jacobsen

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